World Freestyle Basketball Association

Galdino Haimé (right) and Michael van Beek (left) are the two executive members of the WFBA (World Freestyle Basketball Association). After working closely together for more than 12 years, they decided the time had come to unite all basketball freestylers  worldwide and join forces in one (online) community, the WFBA!

The WFBA is the official freestyle basketball organization that unites basketball freestylers all over the world.

The WFBA is aware of the growth and evolution of Freestyle Basketball which is reaching millions of people every year of all ages through Street shows, TV Commercials/Shows, Educational programs, Social Media and Theater/Circus productions.

The WFBA mission is to bring freestyle basketball to its highest stadium in Events, Skill Development, Performance Development, Recruitment & Management and to constantly build on our global structured platform for the freestyle basketball community. The WFBA continuously acts in an innovative and creative manner to deliver and integrate new marketing opportunities and strategies.

For all  basketball freestylers; sign up and become a member of the new and wordwide movement for freestyle basketball at

Check out the trailer!

World Freestyle Basketball Association - Official Trailer